Apollo Boilerplate

Date: 2023 | Photo by: Andrew Katz

This command module boilerplate was used in some form of water training.
From the plaque:


1969 saw the first man on the moon and the building of Apollo High School. This capsule was used to train the support crews for the Apollo lunar flights. This is the only capsule ever released by NASA.

Through the efforts of science teacher, Dave Johnson and MN Senator Dave Durenberger, arrangements were made with NASA to release the capsule to Apollo High School. Anderson Trucking, Burlington Northern, Borgert Concrete, St. Cloud Aviation, community individuals and Apollo student fund raising brought the capsule to this site.

This unique artifact of human achievement in space was placed here in 1981 and serves as a symbol of pride and the hope that all Apollo students will take a giant leap in educating themselves and thus improve the quality of human life.

Sign given to Apollo High School by science teachers:
Lowell Olson
Ralph Kluball
Don Johnson

Apollo High School, St. Cloud, Minnesota