American Spacecraft is based on the hard work Jim Gerard did with the original site. Sadly, that site is now gone. I have created this site in the spirit of that work. — Chris Griffith

Image Credits

Almost all the photographs on this site were taken by me over the past 15 or so years. Here are the other photographers who have contributed to this site:

Shez Silverberg took all the photos of the artifacts at Air Power Park, and some of the artifacts at the Virginia Air and Space Museum.

Cathy Lankford took all the photos of the artifacts at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science.

Bill Carton photographed the artifacts at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, where he is a docent.

Dave Hogue, kindly took the photographs of SpaceShipOne at Google's headquaters in Mountain View.

Stuart Johnson, supplied photos from Wallops Island and the Orion AA-2 capsule.

If you have photographs of an artifact that I have not seen, email me at chris.griffith AT gmail DOT com.