Saturn V

Date: 2015 | Photo by: Chris Griffith

The Saturn V at the US Space and Rocket Center was known as the Dynamic Test Vehicle (S-IC-D, S-II-F/D, S-IVB-D). It was built or dynamic vibration studies in the large Dynamic Test Facility at the nearby Marshall Space Flight Center. Once those studies were complete, Werner von Braun, Marshall's chief, had the rocket placed in 'temporary storage' just outside the center. This became the cornerstone of the US Space and Rocket Center. It also suffered environmental damage during its time outside. Eventurally, the Davidson Center for Space Exploration was constructed to provide shelter to the vechile, which was restored. It is painted to match its original appearence, including the "USA" on the S-IVB stage. The Apollo BP-23, which once sat outside in MSFC's rocket park, has also been restored and mounted with the Saturn stack.

Dynamic Test Vehicle
Saturn V
US Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, Alabama